Fast Times at the Pop-Up Halloween Store

Parents at the Halloween store
shop with children expressing outrage
about little-girl costumes like sexy
princess and sexy police officer

But Dad doesn’t mind another Dad
checking out his wife’s ass
as she reaches for sugar masks
flips through packs of stockings

Couples revolve in a surreptitious dance
whispering in code about trick or treating

Actually I think I could ramble much longer on this topic as I have observed so much and it makes me laugh. Maybe I’ll do that later in November as guess what, friends? It’s November the first! And that means I’m writing 30 Poems in November to benefit Center for New Americans!

This is my fourth November writing mayhem for a good cause. Every year I whine about how I can’t imagine accomplishing it, and this year is no exception. But I can do it, especially if you cheer me on! Go Marian, Go Girl, YOU CAN DO IT! Love to you, my friends!


  1. Ha.. I must say the codes for halloween is beyond my grasp.. great way to imagine it.

  2. Yep! The irony is not lost on the observant.

    I was just thinking yesterday that I haven't had as much runaway sentence reading material as I would like, now the November announcement. Yay!

  3. This is a great litle observation. And GO MAIAN< GO!!!! I know you can do 30 in 30!!

  4. Oh I got so excited I lost my ability (limited as it is already) to spell! Go Marian, go! lol

  5. Ha! Almost as bad as codes around Santa! Very cute! And good rhymes! Good luck with November challenge. You can do it! K.

  6. Sorry for the delete above! Meant to say, sexy Hitler is where we draw the line! This is a fun poem, thanks for sharing!!!!

  7. Sexy Mother Teresa! Yes, it is real. And sexy Hitler is a nightmare... Ha. Enjoyed this poem. Yes, fathers and daughters have quite the squabble this time of year. :)

  8. I love your Pop-up Halloween Store, Marian.
    It sounds rather adult oriented even though the kids came.

  9. Don't get me started about costumes because I might lose the bit of cool I was left with after Halloween. Goodness gracious! What are people thinking? I saw a pair of twins (they were probably 10 or 11) dressed neck to two in leather--they were Geminis Gone Wild. Okay, I will stop... and say that your poem is a very good descriptor.

    1. *WoooHooo!* That's me cheering for your 30 Poems in November bit. ;-)

  10. Thank you for the cheers! These stores ARE in some ways very adult, and also have a lot of jump-scares and grotesque zombies and so on. But there are lots of costumes and props for children, too. One stop shopping! Very strange and I think very fun for people-watching in there. :)

  11. Yes, cheering you on - and this poem is worth a hearty cheer!


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