Extrusion Reflection

If you could see what I see
in fully-blown parison,
mirrored curiosity,
heady hesitation gone,

You’d mirror back your hidden
self, your smitten-real self, self-
realized, molten, bubbling back,
lacking pressurized to stealth.

For Kerry’s prompt to the Real Toads: MICRO POETRY!


  1. The hidden self. The reveal. These are very resonant to me right now. Very nice mini

  2. Oooh! Something a little Welsh in form... your phrasing is so well done, one hardly notices the strict adherence to syllable count and rhyme scheme. I like the way you incorporated the eye of the beholder aspect too..'You’d mirror back your hidden self...'

  3. Indeed, the mirror shows a lot less than what's beneath. Great rhythm in this poem

  4. "Love is hot, truth is molten...."

  5. Reflections can be such deceitful things... We rarely know what they're made off... And even when we see all the parts used to make the thing, we never know how the process will change the pieces... LOVE this!

  6. Good parison in your first stanza and a good start in the second, until the grouping of single words. Or is it subparison? That balance is something that I subconsciously try but I can improve when I check myself.
    Mirror practice helps in most places, like rain helps the flowers in spring.

  7. Very interesting style here! I enjoyed reading!

  8. If only! Perhaps if you keep holding up the mirror....


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