Birds of a Feather

Eight birds
perched on a lamp-post
extending over the highway
grip against tremors
caused by wind upriver
and the Prime Chix truck
roaring underneath
Premiere Poultry Distribution
all the way from Foodmart Road

Eight birds
perched on a lamp-post
wish they were someplace else
anywhere but this lamp-post
squawk incessantly
about their outrage
and seem to have forgotten
the prime directive about birds--
they know how to fly

For Corey’s wishing prompt to the Real Toads: HEART’S DESIRE

And #19 of 30 Poems in November to benefit Center for New Americans!


  1. Ha, I relate a little too closely with those birds right now.........lots of flapping and cawing, little movement. I love a poem that has eight birds in it.

  2. Reminds me a little of facebook. When I'm tired of all the complaining and hate I fly away. Great take

  3. Why complain about a situation when you know how to fly! That is a piece of advice I shall keep close to my heart.

  4. Your ending lines are perfect! Indeed, birds do better when there's less squawking and more flying.

  5. Ha--terrific. Keep it up, Marian. k.

  6. I think we often fail to see what's right in front of our beaks..

  7. Flying is key, nice one Marian!

  8. ...and the fact they COULD be poultry in a semi-truck. NOTHING as depressing as that. Yes, sometime I think people just love to squawk instead of doing something about it.

    1. Definitely a poultry truck passing under those birds.

  9. Prime directive...lol, what a great poem Babyluv. This should be turned in to a short animated film. Just saying'.


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