Friends, looky looky! I am honored and very pleased that two of my poems are featured in the inaugural issue of Hellbent, a fantastic and beautiful new magazine that is the brainchild of editor/founder Yvette Chairez. Also featuring compelling art, short fiction, and poems by Tim Schaefer among others. Congrats to Yve and her partner in crime, Alyssa Ammirato. YEAH BABY! Click and enjoy!


  1. Well done to Yve and her team. It is great to see your byline there alongside Tim's.

  2. Couldn't be happier for you. Your work deserves Berlin-Wall-floodlight levels of exposure.

  3. What an excellent publication... :-) Congratulations.

  4. I'm glad you are there, Marian. Congratulations !!!

    1. Nice entries too ! Of course I identify with both yours, love the first. I was too old for the free-love generation but ran with girls who weren't. :) Thinking of those days still does strange things for me. In DE I sat by a barefoot girl wearing raggedy cutoff jeans and a yellow dog waiting at the outside steps for her. She read History in DE (Differential Equations) class but got her "A" while I worked real hard for my "C". Another wanted me to join Mensa with her. I still might.
      The second? Common fate but real sad, a 'we don't want to hear this' tale.
      Again, CONGRATS !! First edition, Wow !!

  5. Congratulations sweet Marian!
    I love your words. xo


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