In awe of your corporeal space
I sit parked in your station wagon
with the faux-wood trim, reciting lines
to your thrust, your roominess.

I can’t bear to pull out, preferring
your sweet little tree in my lungs,
intoning devotion to naugahyde,
wishing after wishing you were here.

It’s no secret I’m smitten.
I could palm your dash all day,
rub your fabric the wrong way just
to feel the ridged pleasure of you

in my hands, breathing
your reply, verse after salted verse.

For Kerry’s prompt to the Real Toads: POETIC VOICE


  1. This is quite hilarious. IT really is well done. Much enjoyed every line. k.

  2. The "ridged pleasure", LOL.......I may never look at my car the same way again!

  3. I love your love sonnet to an automobile - it is very witty as a parody and quite on point with the current obsession some people have with their cars. What I think most marvellous about your poem is the way the voice allows us some insight into the speaker's character. Of course, the saucy imagery adds a layer of humour and the whole was such fun to read.

  4. What a ride. Teenagers fall in love with their first cars, and this keeps the spirit of that blooming intact. Sappho in this voice, flush with the ridged fricatives of Eros. Hymen and amen!

  5. Must be one sexy car... Some really are - I've just never owned one.

  6. Big space for a big love. Loved this ode to the room we allow ourselves to sit in.

  7. There has to be something of the car! It is not just to be driven but driven with care! Great lines Marian!


  8. In love.....we become starry eyed no matter what the source of love is!!

  9. Ha! Enjoyed revisiting this this morning--so cool. I can remember wagons like this--all kinds! k.


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