Pictures of People Who Were Murdered

These are pictures
of people
who were murdered
because they are black.
Nine community members,
murdered in church
not by a shooter,
but by a racist terrorist
who strove to start a war.
Children played dead
in order to stay alive
on the anniversary
of a slave revolt
planned by the founder
of Emanuel African Methodist
Episcopal Church,
as the confederate flag
over the Charleston state house,
full-mast today.
These are the names
of the people we murdered:

Sharonda Coleman-Singleton

Reverend Clementa Pinckney

Cynthia Hurd

Tywanza Sanders

Myra Thompson

Ethel Lee Lance

Reverend Daniel L. Simmons

Reverend Depayne Middleton-Doctor

Susie Jackson 

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  1. Marian, powerful, sad, horrifying. How absolutely bewildered your children must be at such happenings in a world they have seen as loving and happy. I cant get over that flag flying. Oh my goodness. Thanks for posting this. Yes, a racist terrorist, and so very misguided and crazed. He lives in a different world than we do.

  2. Punches you right in the gut. Powerful piece, Marian.

  3. The world has sunk into unreason. So much hatred, so many weapons..insanity and mayhem is the order of the day.

    The pictures of these good people move me to tears. Your words resound beyond media frenzy to speak of the outrage.

  4. "Children played dead
    in order to stay alive"

    Wow. I love this.

  5. So heartbreaking. Powerful, Marian.

  6. as the confederate flag
    over the Charleston state house,
    full-mast today.............. I didn't know that - Shame on them, for flying that fly as well as full mast.

  7. This is so sad... broke my heart.. wish racism would end! Powerful tribute!

  8. This is why poetry, and song, and the arts, will always express this kind of thing in a way that nothing else can. (And that confederate flag is disgusting.) Keep telling the truth.

  9. Pretty unforgivable this week for him. If I had my way he would lose one body part a day until he died. Nice tribute you wrote for the victims.
    Today is Juneteenth Day in commemoration of the U.S. Slaves getting their freedom. I've been celebrating it since it first started even before leaders ever thought of making it a holiday.

  10. Heartbreaking.. sadly, as a species we seem to find new lows everyday..everywhere.

  11. If hell has disciples, I believe one struck in South Carolina. Sadly, he shot, but we loaded the gun.

  12. I cannot understand an obsession like that... What makes a man like that, he's just as bad or worse as any terrorist... and there are multitudes of hate for him to feed upon.

  13. You threaded the harrowing particulars -- playing dead, the Confederate flag refusing to fly at half-mast -- around pictures and names. Sometimes the only way out is straight through places like this. Amen.

  14. So heartbreaking--thanks for the caring poem. k.

  15. Heartbreaking and unfathomable.

  16. That flag needs to come down. Those faces are a true loss - each one looks like a person I'd be honored to know. So very sad.

  17. Thank you for honoring each of these beautiful souls Marion and for speaking the truth about the terrorist and the insulting flag raised high.

  18. The root of all these problems is viciousness hate and spite.. A fine tribute to the victims of this terrible crime.
    I have received your comment on my poem. Thank you. I am not contactable by email...this may have posed a problem that you mentioned.


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