Alright Alright Alright

In offices and cubicles
Behind closed doors in buildings
On sidewalks, in crosswalks
Sliding down slides in parklets
At McDonald’s and the market
They all talk about how our love
Can never baby possibly be
I’m gonna scream it from our rooftop
Scrawl it across the sky
Wear it on a placard around my neck
Listen here, talky talky people
My baby’s love always gets me high
My baby’s love’s all I need tonight
My baby my baby my baby
All right


Jammed out & scrawled out for Izy’s OUT OF STANDARD


  1. I'm listening and tapping my feet, right here at the office.. very cool. I can always trust you to have some cool music coming up...

  2. I loved the fiery & intense emotions pulsing through this beautiful piece :D
    Beautifully penned..!

  3. I really like the way you transported us from the description of city life to the song like quality at the end, and the cry for true love never gets old!

  4. Love the scene setting through the talking gossiping and the defiant multi-level words that scream back. Cool Cool Cool !!!!! The music makes me want to jump up, too. Most of the rest --mine included--has been disco, but this rocks.

  5. Same way length - different time period. Love it.

  6. Sing it, kiddo. You've got the Real Deal over at your house! And that makes me so happy.

  7. How fun! I really liked opening lines which introduce this far reaching banal world which includes people not only in cubicles, but also those fuckers sliding down slides. This one is a battle cry and anthem. Also the song is awesome. Thanks for posting to the Out of standard!

  8. You're some kind of wonderful

  9. Oh, and also, forgot to mention that when I read the title "alright alright alright", I immediately began reading the poem in the voice of Mcconaughey.....this is the fault of me as a reader, not the poet. :)

  10. "Listen here, talky talky people"--haha, love the attitude here....and what a beautiful love poem. I also heard Matthew McConaughey's voice when I read the title. Love that.

  11. A wonderful sweet defiance! Thanks. k .

  12. Haaaaaa!!! that is really good. Like that song, love the poem. Outta da park!


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