Time Is the School in Which We Learn

An old story,
Not for nothing,
Older than
Heaven turning its face toward
Refusing her.

Sisterhood amongst the wise
Pines, coniferous forests bereft
Of envy,
Never knowing heaven’s sweet bounty
Should have been
Earlier than then.

#13 of 30 in April! For Susie’s challenge to the Real Toads--my title is a Joan Didion quote.

I had the day off from work today and wrote acrostic poems with my kids. Typically, they totally smoked me in this exercise. Here are some of theirs, the first two by my daughter and the last by my son:


On the couch sleeps a kitty
Lying, waiting, dreaming of tuna
Instead of squirrels
Very, very sleepy kitty
Every cat dreams of tuna


Bonk! A bunny hopped on your head.
Uhhhh, a bunny hopped on my head?
No bunny jumped on my head!!!
No no no, I know that a bunny did not--
You know there was a bunny!!!


On a cold Autumn night
Lying in the moonlight is a black cat
Dancing in the shadows are the ghosts.

Witches flying high in the sky
Over the blood moon.
On a hill is the Pumpking
Dragging the dead away.
Spider hissing in the distance.