Consider the worth of the egg we hold in our hands. Our hands cupped. Calm and not knowing. Consider the egg. There is no glory in eggs, the eggs the hens bore for us, the hens.

Hens have no glory but for their witness and the fine, fine oology that resulted. The oology of laughter. Laughing, laughing, sweet sweet laughter.


Chickadee, chickadee.

Chickadee on the feeder is grateful for sunflower seeds, the seeds of sufferance and lore. The heavens envelop the wanderer. A bird’s journey ends with a branch, a seed, a wondering why. Cat observes from a place of exaltation, confirming the order of things, juxtaposition impossible because in sunshine there is only truth and cats and a travel-weary chickadee.

Cats are where it’s at. They know this and cannot be bothered.


Move the plastic bags. Shift.

Plastic seems irreverent in the moment. What one might think of this mug and its warm laughter. Laughing.

In time the weak will rise, the errant will be shown their true course and back to heaven with laughter. Somebody died in the process of demonstrating a better way, offering a better path not riddled with tautological missteps. It behooves the masses to reject fallacies, everyday malarkeys so egregious that even ugliness bows its back wracked with shame and desperation.

Learn more about plastic. Shift.


In the end there is darkness. Silence is blinding.

Izy prompted the Real Toads to write in the style of Gertrude Stein, my favorite! Number 4 of 30 in April.


  1. eekgads, woman!!! You've done great work here. Isn't sort of hard to stop once you get into Steins thinking and voice, and why would anyone ever want to stop. I hope you never do. I adore all of this. I loved the transitioning with from the egg to the hens. the hens. and the oology. Your words here are mimicry but also very specially yours in the best way possible.

    Also, the cats. and the chickadees. Thanks for posting these and viva la!

  2. Don't tell Joy there is not glory in hens. :-) This is really wonderful, pulling in resurrection and all. Brilliant, in fact.

  3. What a collection of thought in word, Marian. I savoured each one, while marveling at the skill of the poet behind the words. I love the bold choices of words you have used, the oology, tautology, the malarkeys and sufferance. Most of all, I love the laughter.

  4. OH! MY! GOODNESS! this is so wonderful to read, it blows my doors off. One of my faves of yours, Marian. LOVED it!

  5. Engaging. Every piece of it. I particularly liked the single word. 'Shift'. Kind of what Stein was all about.

  6. I love the word 'virtuosic' which describes this perfectly! Brava.

  7. what a close. and plastic is irreverent ~

  8. Great the way each segue feeds into the next--and thank you for recognizing the laughter of hens.

  9. and you know what i smiled through all this; luv your responses

    have a creative week (◕‿◕。)

    much love...

  10. Oh, man. I do believe you nailed this. NAILED.It. I adore that last line, and that continuing "shift" makes me think of both life and keyboard. How perfect.

  11. Move over ms stein, there's a new kid on the block. Terrific

  12. Marian, this is so oo, really oo. I practiced oology for many years, five kids growing up's worth.
    I would call your wonderful words today, Stein's "Buttons" Extended. Every bit as good as her start !!

  13. Love them all, and particularly the last line of the cat piece. Brilliant stuff!

  14. So cool! And we better shift when it comes to plastic--that's for sure--very very clever. k.

  15. "Plastic seems irreverent in the moment" Love that line. I agree, this piece is extremely clever!.

  16. Wow, wow...Marian...you embraced this style and gave it a whole new face...I can't pick a favorite...each one is stand-alone and powerful.

  17. Marian, this got better and better... not that it started off weakly! You did it, hon. There was a moment in the coffee piece, "where coffee poem is not coffee," (!) (this is so much fun), the first line and last, a marrying of similar thoughts bookending the piece... I had a Steinflash, which is like a Flashdance, but muttering. You outdid yourself here, not only in style but in content. Plastic "seems irreverant" had me on my heels, since it brought a sight to mind: "American Beauty," the neighbor's video, when he caught the plastic bag on film, dancing in a swirling breeze. Your one line brought that whole scene back for me. And so, you have officially blown me away. Amy

  18. Haha, thanks a ton, pals, for your gracious comments. I have spent a lot of time with Ms. Stein over the years. I have a reading coming up and am thinking about reading this, or maybe writing more... not because I think it's so fantastic but I think it would be fun to read out loud. We'll see... I'll report back if I do. :)


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