Star Stuff

Madness swirls
fuzzes in like static
out like late-night television haunts
waking hours as well as dreams
   darkening darker
still deeper each day till summoning
will for living seems
          your daughter

My children remind me why I am here. Thank you for asking, Sherry: MESSAGE FROM THE LITTLE GRANDMOTHER 

#11 of 30 for April. Today is my daughter’s ninth birthday and I am a bit ferklempt. Love to you, friends... Love one another.


  1. I love the immediacy of this poem — and what a great message.

  2. Love back at'cha Marian. "summoning will for living" and even thriving maybe

  3. Yes, they are our reason for living, and they deserve a clean, healthy planet to live in. Maybe one of yours will be a truly evolved President one day, Marian, or an ecologist with clout, and turn this whole thing around. Smiles.

  4. Happy Birthday to your girl! I remember nine~ I wanted to get locked inside the library and learn all the secrets of the world!

    A great message!

  5. I know just what you mean! Happy Birthday to your little girl!

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  7. Lots to live for, Marian. Nicely put. Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    Hang on, she's 2/3's of the way towards being a teenager.
    Best wishes to you also !!! :)

  8. Yes, we have to keep it together for our kids. Happy birthday to the beautiful girl and blessings on her parents.

  9. I thought it was all the pollen that has me feeling ferplempt, but perhaps more noxious allergens are in cahoots. I need every bridge to sanity there is -- love, work, purpose, service, cats -- else I despair and hear the voices loudly too. Distracted from my darkness by those lights. Amen, and happy birthday to your daughter. You have this joy of abandonment to words to give and share with her.

  10. Oh, how wonderful. A mystery tied to birth that , being childless, I only know the half of ...!


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