We don’t know
when you were born
but spring is kittentime
We don’t know how
you were harmed
before you came to us
Who would want to hurt you?
Years and a girl’s grit
drew you out
with the blood moon
And now is the perfect time
for us to renew our vows to you.

Flash 55 for Real Toads, #5 of 30 for National Poetry Month.

My kids and I wrote poems about our kitty together and they wanted to me to share their poems with you. You might recognize that we were studying Gertrude Stein. (Smile!) Our kitty’s name is Olive. We sometimes call her “tiny bully” because when we tried to adopt a second cat, she engaged in a long series of terroristic behavior and drove the other cat out. Meow! The first poem below is by my daughter (who is 8 years old) and the second was written by my son (who’s 11). I like theirs better!

Cute Kitty

Cute scratchy
Cute sleepy
Cute cute kitty
Look kitty
Look tiny
Tiny tiny bully
Can’t kitty
Can’t bully
Shrinking shrinking kitty!


Oh for a cute bully.
Jumpy loud
Crazy weird
Lazy weird
Lazy tiny
Lazy sneaky
Lazy lazy kitty.
What of a fluffy kitty that loves us.
What of a loud kitty that is hungry.
What kitty.
A cute little kitty.