Haiku Day!

Grey lifts
incessant chatter
gift of sunrise


Old maple’s
bare branches
soon will give birth

sways to earth
aid after my fall


Sweet sleep
by wicked wishing


Back porch squirrel
peeks indoor with longing
I pine for out

Hannah reminds us that it’s International Haiku Poetry Day and asked for nature haiku to mark the occasion. These are unrelated impressions from this morning and are unfinished, but I’m sharing anyway for #17 of 30 in April. Haiku seems so simple, but I think it’s actually quite challenging to write GOOD haiku. I wouldn’t say these fit the bill, yet. :)

Also, looky looky! This was in our local paper yesterday. (I was shocked; I certainly did not send my photo to the paper with a press release!) My poetry group, Florence Poets Society, has a fun evening of spoken word planned tomorrow night at The Invisible Fountain (fantastic art space). If you are nearby, join us!