A-Z Challenge for #25!

Margaret has resurrected the infamous alphabet prompt from an April of yore for her Play It Again, Toads prompt, and I worked on this with my kids this morning! So thank you, Margaret, and here are our efforts:

Able bones
concreted down.
Every Fool gets his
in jealous knowing,
like machine noises
on piano--
quiet rhythm,
undulating Wellspring--
yet Zen.

Kitten Crazy (by Anne)
A bunny can’t drive every fish.
George, hi!
I, Jeffrey, kicking lemonjuice,
mumbling Nyancats on pizza.

Qwerty reality.
Seals tiptoeing under Venus
with xylophones,
yelling zebras.

The Nyan Apocalypse! (by Jack)
A bouncy cat
doing everything funny!
Ghosts hiding in Jupiter
knowing little messenger Nyancats.
Overflowing party!!!
Quacking rhino?!?!
Silly tie-dyed underpants
versus wet x-rays
yet zero....

(In case you are unfamiliar with Nyan Cat.)