A-Z Challenge for #25!

Margaret has resurrected the infamous alphabet prompt from an April of yore for her Play It Again, Toads prompt, and I worked on this with my kids this morning! So thank you, Margaret, and here are our efforts:

Able bones
concreted down.
Every Fool gets his
in jealous knowing,
like machine noises
on piano--
quiet rhythm,
undulating Wellspring--
yet Zen.

Kitten Crazy (by Anne)
A bunny can’t drive every fish.
George, hi!
I, Jeffrey, kicking lemonjuice,
mumbling Nyancats on pizza.

Qwerty reality.
Seals tiptoeing under Venus
with xylophones,
yelling zebras.

The Nyan Apocalypse! (by Jack)
A bouncy cat
doing everything funny!
Ghosts hiding in Jupiter
knowing little messenger Nyancats.
Overflowing party!!!
Quacking rhino?!?!
Silly tie-dyed underpants
versus wet x-rays
yet zero....

(In case you are unfamiliar with Nyan Cat.)


  1. Whoa....! This is amazing :D
    Beautifully executed the challenge :D

  2. Simply phenomenal! Kudos to you for getting your kids involved :D

  3. Ha.. yes what a great one to get kids engaged.. Love your entries :-)

  4. Qwerty reality! That's a hashtag waiting to happen!

    These were a lot of fun to read, but I know they took a lot of hard work and imagination to get just right. Three cheers for the Nyancat.

  5. God I laughed my socks off on these, Marian--not yours, which was just cool, but the kids' which were so hilarious and creative--are you sure that ' Silly tie-dyed underpants/versus wet x-rays/yet zero....'wasn;t stolen from Bukowski?? Is Nyancat made from a pop tart? Anyway, thanks for making my day.

  6. I think the last one is my favourite! Such fun to read all of them! *smile*

  7. They're all brilliant! I so love the way you involve your kids in this — and obviously they do too.

  8. The best one yet :-) ...although those that I have read were pretty crafty and good too :-)

  9. I love the Nyancat. I, too thought he looked like a pop tart or is he pizza!

    Love all of these yummy offering~

  10. Nyan Cat is a poptart, and my kids did not invent him or her, though my son drew that picture. Nyan Cat is a youtube sensation!

  11. Your poem is amazing, Marian! You brought it together so flawlessly and with meaning, too...love you close with Zen. :)

    Your kiddos have some awesome talent here as well...what a joy to visit this post!! Thank you. :)


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