Spring In the Air

The first day of spring
is no less dark than dogfighting,
no less bright than Venus
with Mars lurking in shadows
just behind, no less ready
than an aborted countdown,
no less mundane than garbage night
under the stars and the fights
and the threes twos ones of it all,
because what are waiting for anyway?


  1. LOVE! I swing back and forth with each image.l enjoy the insistence of "no less" which makes me pause to think. And, yelled YES to the final couplet!

  2. We are having a gloomy entry into spring too, but it is just rain - which the rainforest and all the growing things need. I loved the cool images in your poem.

  3. Waiting for the dogfighting clouds to totally disappear ~ Am waiting for spring, smiles ~

  4. I loved this unique definition of spring.


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