Perhaps Go With Red Instead

Winter blue begets blue
as seasons change, so too
those who question color
reject red, embracing blue

Blueish wind hangs back,
on notice from those who
wait on springtime zephyrs
to blue up wallflower blues

Who am I to question use
of blue as metaphor for blue
representing another stage
blue belaboring all that blue

Flash 55 in the Imaginary Garden: Color


  1. Blue can be pretty. You did a good job here of showing it's other side, a sour mood.
    Color me happy if you'd like. I like Nimroy's (Star Wars, Mr. Spock's) words, "Live long and prosper."

    My post today is supposed to double for your challenge, taking off from a tease of Gillian Welch. It was fun but 55 didn't do my Hard Times justice.

  2. Blue has several connotations: sad/depressed, color, with an ess music... "blue belaboring all that blue" wonderful line

  3. Blue must deal with blue. I love the color but dread the emotion.

  4. boo hoo so much blue? ready for red? ~

  5. I agree with Debi.....that was my favorite line too..it's beautiful wording but it's also a great use of alliteration too.

  6. Blue is for me a happy color.. for me it's summer and sun.. but there is that bluegrey shade of winter that tend to quench you (hue)..

  7. Love. Maybe those who label the blues blue find them as pretty as flowers in the spring.

  8. I love the way you used the word blue numerous times without it once seeming over done.

  9. …while red buds break through the blue skies on a clear day.

  10. i live in a no winter zone, but on the aspect of rejecting red in winter, i suppose the cardinal is therefore persistent

    much love...

  11. There are blue shadows in winter and yet also the brightest of skies-- and darkness too-- your poem reflects all of that. Thanks. K. ManicddAily

  12. The blues of winter may be soon the blues of first spring ~ Love this Marian ~


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