On the Importance of Learning to Type

(A peek into my world. I typed this while my kids read along on the screen.)
Why My Children Need to Learn How to Type
by Mama

You will be able to express your thoughts very quickly and wonderfully if you learn to type like I can. If you can put hands to keyboard and not think about finding the letters and not think about what you are doing when you are typing, you will be able to sit at the computer and create wonderful writing and get it down quickly. This is one of the reasons why I can write well, because I know how to type well. I learned to type in high school. I took a typing class from a weird teacher named Mr. Lee who had us sit in a classroom at huge electric typewriters and if you fidgeted in your seat he would yell at you “Get back in your stall!” He made us do typing exercises that at the time were incredibly boring but I am very grateful for Mr. Lee's typing class because typing is extremely important to me and my work and my whole life.

So, my children, I am going to find a typing program for you to use to practice and learn to type the way I type. See how my hands sit above the keyboard and my fingers know where to go while I am typing this? It is natural for me, my fingers know and I do not have to think about it at all. This is also why texting on the phone is not as natural for me. That is because I can't put my hands on the keyboard the way I do with the computer. Your games like Minecraft and other games I have watched you play have keyboards that are set out like a typewriter keyboard. They call it a QWERTY keyboard. See that? On the top row where my left hand is? Someone invented the typewriter keyboard and they put the letters not in alphabetical order but in an arrangement that would be natural for humans to be able to quickly find with their fingers on the keys. It has to do with how letters are arranged into words and the letters that are most often used and least often used. It's really genius. We should look up and learn about the person who invented it because that person was pretty darn smart. Okay now stop reading what I am typing and let's get to work on your essays. Love always, Your Mother.