This Reason Trumps So You Can Ignore the Rest

You’d like to run off
but objectively compelling reasons
make you stay. Kids, for one thing.
They seem to need a stoop
from which you holler for them
that it’s time for dinner
so get your ass home and wash up.
They seem to need home base.
Otherwise you’d be outta here.
Also, the cat.

Flash 55 for Real Toads, in memory of the G-Man, Galen Haynes.


  1. Ha.. yes there are always compelling reason to stay (or for some to leave I guess) .. I think this would work as an answer to any mock-rebel without a cause :-)

  2. Cats will roam where they will, but they usually come back for dinner.

  3. Existential quandary of the post-marital state--the process grinds so much away, yet it does make a fine sausage in the end. Happy New Year, Marian.

  4. I wanted to run away when the girls were teenagers, but I stayed through the hormone storm.

  5. i don't really want to run away. i also don't holler about my kids' asses from the front stoop. :)

  6. I couldn't imagine you running away and/or yelling at your kids, but this is fiction, right? And a good write. You made everyone believe it.
    Luv, K

  7. I always only want to run away for just a few hours a week, (at least)...or long enough to walk the dog by myself. :)


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