Phantom Clutch

On the whole, heated seats
for manual transmission
seems an even trade. But my foot
still reaches for the clutch
when Charlie Chesterman sings
about that shabby dress,
when turning right on East Street,
when I drive in heels, when I feel
the heat on the back of my thighs
and allow myself
to think of you.

For Corey’s prompt to the Real Toads: ROAD TRIP


  1. Haaaa... This really paints a picture and I have to say those heated seats are totally what's up!!! Thanks Babyluv great work....over.

  2. heated seats - I will never own a care without it! And it sounds like your seats were quite hot regardless :)

  3. Heated seat is a must.. But I never thought about it in that way.. Will think about it next time when out driving.

  4. Love those manual transmissions, they were sure raw and real for the road. Too bad they're no good anymore (I had to replace clutch 2x and manual transmission once in my last Toyota's 160,000 mile life). Or is that we come to love the heated seats and cruise control of the safe life? Loved your poem most where that the speaker feels the old clutch when she "allows" a memory of the ghost companion of wilder times. Its the gear we shift to but rarely, opting for a longer life instead. Fine work.

  5. This made me think of home. In the UK most cars are manual while here they are mostly auto. It helps make the transition easier when I go home. :)

  6. ooooo...heated seats! What a cool concept, and how well you make it work for you here. Music and driving are inseparable for me, and between those two, there's no way to keep the memories in the back seat. (I drive an old Corolla that still has manual windows and I don't intend to ever have to deal with another car salesman, so thanks for bringing me up to date.)

  7. Wonderful write. Sometimes that certain song comes on the radio and I am instantly in a moment of way back when....

  8. Heated seats are not big in Africa but they must be a comfort during northern winters.

  9. Heated seats and memories...quite a combination. There are songs that take me back and I camp out in memories.

  10. Sweet--I remember that reaching for the clutch! Thanks, Marian. K. http://manicddaily.wordpress.com

  11. Love it, Marian ~~ I would never have figured that driving in high heels would be a bugger for a stick shift. Love my heated seats too, our car also came with a heated steering wheel. :)

  12. wink! heated steering wheel? that is so civilized.


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