It Will Be Happier

Give up seasonal mirth
for a cheap approximation
if it’s all you have.
A parking lot brawl will do.
Reduce your lover
to a shadow of what you had
like last week’s recycling
left curbside
for someone else to pick up.
Already you’ve forgotten
nights when the bottles were full,
when you got drunk
on her,
how it felt to be seen.
She’s last week.
Tomorrow you’ll go invisible,
park your car the next street over,
walk the extra block.

Susie prompted the Real Toads with this quote by Alfred Lord Tennyson, from whence this poem sprang: "Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, It will be happier." Best wishes for the New Year!


  1. Oh that cad of a new year. How soon he forgets! Love the closing lines!!!!!

  2. I agree with Sherry. That's a great ending.

  3. Whispering, "It will be happier." Yeah, right. Love this all, especially the images of the parking lot brawl and the recycling left at the curb.

  4. The player, you've captured him well. Seems the chase doesn't end with happy. Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge.

  5. The parking-lot brawl.. there are always those guys we want to fail... Let them walk the blocks forever.. Happy new year.

  6. I believe that people see improvement of their circumstance as their due, without being instruments of personal change. Your demonstrate the yearly cycle too well here.

  7. interesting reads, friends... weird inspiration for this and i didn't really intend to go where it went. hee!

  8. Yikes. This is the perpetual "grass is greener" kind of guy. ALmost like a curse, this poem immortalizes the love 'em and leave them mentality of the New Year's eve brawler. No thank you. At least the recycled have a chance.

  9. I love "a parking-lot brawl will do" because it made me laugh, and, like Sherry, I also like the last lines.
    If this poem didn't go where you intended, at least it went well.
    Happy New Year!
    Luv, K

  10. The bittersweet taste of new beginnings. The hurt sometimes (okay, most times), but next year's promise can be salve... as soothing and empowering as your poem.

    1. Magaly, you got it... thanks for this comment & xo

  11. I love the "matter of fact" voice in this!

  12. Reduce. Not reuse. Some thinks aren't meant to be recycled.

  13. This is dimensional...reading from the perspective of hope itself in particular is interesting. I enjoy how this could easily be a great opening to a longer story...wishing you all your heart desires for this coming year, Marian.


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