This Writer's Process

Write every day for a month,
then stop. Don’t write for one day,
two days, then a week. Take a break,
all the while admonishing yourself
for lacking productivity. Curse,
but colorfully: Jesus Christ
on a bike, I am lazy as shit,
and even less talented. I give up.
Then start writing all over again.

True confessions for Flash Fiction 55 at Real Toads!


  1. Ha.. yes forcing yourself to write every day.. that's tough.. but there are other things that might be tough as well.. riding a bike though is great to capture those elusive words.. I do it most every day.

  2. You'd better. Someone overheard me say similar curses a few days back and was so taken back she needed to say nothing more. Why do we do that to ourselves? Only, I think, to double dare us into being our unique selves.

  3. I have such a hard time stopping after doing 30 straight...I'm coming out of a month like this too, Marian...well said!

  4. Perfect timing for this confession to resonate post NaBloPoMo ;-)

  5. …as the saying goes - we are our own worst critics.

  6. Some circles need to break hard before starting anew and better (that's what I tell myself, anyway).

  7. After having done so well one needs to unwind. Truly said! So long as it should not linger on! Nicely Marian!


  8. It's hard to honor our process and not judge ourselves harshly. But you've started again- brava!

  9. Marian! I love this! But I wonder how you knew what I was thinking??

  10. aha, i see a nerve has been struck, friends! get to writing, all of you! :)


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