They Say Love Won't Pay the Rent

It’s a quarter till dawn
and the sky above the nativity
glows iridescent black-blue
like the backdrop
of The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour
Here they are, the first family
Baby Chastity
played by a studded tire
(because the baby Jesus was stolen)
Here they come a-caroling
I Got You, Babe.


  1. I enjoy this ingenious comparison. And if there are so many things love is not, at least we know just what it is we got!

  2. I love this. Cool to think of Cher and Chastity, and their journey, when one was expecting the Magi! I so smiled to see your son's ecstatic joy in the facebook photos. Good Christmas, it looks like! Yay!

  3. Love the interweaving of the religious and the commercial! This brought back memories of watching Sonny and Cher when I was a kid!

  4. No better to reveal the tarnish of Christmas Present than by showing the baby missing from the nativity scene.

  5. A studded tire.. yes that's revealing. I had to read up a little on Sonny and Cher.. I don't think it was ever shown on Swedish TV... but I can understand why Chastity was missing from the set... a lot of things to be read into this.

  6. That is quite an evening if you ask me. Sounds kind of hectic actually. Good luck!

  7. Loved Sonny and Cher - broke my heart when I found out they divorced. Interesting take on Christmas as it is.

  8. Love this whimsy! And I was singing the song right from the title on!

  9. Well, she did turn out to be a stud.

  10. Marian, you started out so solemn I was almost bored,
    then out of the blue you shifted into the comical ridiculous.
    Abrupt, no smooth “segue”, I'm still smiling. :)

  11. Love this poem from a Sonny and Cher song book...

  12. Remembered very well Sonny and Cher. They were the rave as a duo before. Very unmistakably a taller Cher to Sonny but the music was more remembered. Nicely Marian!



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