The Storied Rose Glasses

like onion skin
stings like hell
before inevitable

But in dreams
washed in pink
& it’s your waves
lapping at my calves

Inspired by Hannah’s prompt to the Real Toads: LAKE HILLIER


  1. I admire the stinging in the first part, then the dreaming of pink waves in the second ~ I wish I am in that lake right now, smiles ~

  2. The yin/yang of pink so beautifully spoken.

  3. The duality of things so well expressed. Maybe we need more pink to balance the onions op that life gives us,

  4. A nice way of stating the option of art and aesthetics and the ability to lift oneself higher

    Have a nice weekend Marian
    Much love...

  5. Ooo...love, "but in dreams everything is washed in pink,"and the waves...your brought the feeling of them so distinctly...thank you for joining the challenge, Marian!

  6. I don't know about you, but this poem made me think of that scene in the movie Shrek. The one where Shrek is explaining to Donkey that ogres are like onions. Anyways, it is very true that life is like onions. There are many different layers to explore, and so little time to do it in. It brings tears to my eye. (Pun intended)
    I do have to ask you about one line: "washed in pink." Why pink? Why not blue? Or turquoise? I don't know if it is because I am reading this at point blank or if I find it weird to connect the color pink with waves.. either way I really liked this poem. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. :)

    1. it's because i wrote this in response to a Real Toads prompt about a PINK LAKE (what!?) in Australia. if you click on the link above you can see photos! entrancing.

  7. I could see the pink lake without knowing the reference. You painted the picture for me. Thanks, Marian. I have missed you!


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