Music of a Fallen Year

Rain on the roof.
Water strumming down eaves,
ants strutting single-file,
snap of nitrile gloves,
steam rising from black coffee.
Skyward maples,
shadows pattering on glass,
entering and embracing.
Not a small amount of terror,
over-loud laughter rising.
Come to bed.

Grapeling’s final Get Listed for 2014 included these words: music, fall, water, glove, steam, shadow, embrace, rise, bed


  1. I love the "skyward maples." I just posted a poem about sky-reaching trees two minutes ago. Synchronicity!

  2. I love your careful pick of verbs in each line, Marian. They brought the description to life, gave texture to the whole.

  3. this made me smile and brought back memories

  4. Maybe those snapped gloves are the most scary, but dishes done and embrace ready, the terror might fade in bed.

  5. "shadows pattering on glass,
    entering and embracing." Love that esp.

  6. That snap of nitrile gloves made me want to escape to bed too.

  7. Sounds like the rainy day that I've had once before. Nice poem. :)

  8. Very primal sort of poem, Marian--the kind that is so tricky to write, but you have just the right touch with this one to make the lines stab perfectly. Best and brightest of new years to you, and may the maples--and the heart-- always be tending skywards.

  9. ah, thanks, friends and great to see you, Joy!
    so long as the maple reaches high. so long as--
    happy new year!

  10. sorry for being so late to comment, Marian, been working crazy hours. this pen is so cool - thanks for adding your voice, and happy new year ! ~

    1. i hear you, totally! happy new year, Michael! xo


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