Todo Acaba en Llanto

Sorrow bestows sorrow.

Grief responds in earnest
to kind gestures, terror

discomfits in waves drawn
fast by flash of lurking
loss, sideways obsidian

vision goes cobalt, fades
ash, drowns in wishing well.

Sorrow begets sorrow.

Inspirada por una historia de mi amiga querida Jacqui, y numero 11 de 30 Poems in November beneficiando Center for New Americans.


  1. That flash of lurking loss is ever-present in every life. This is my second favourite of your poems in November (so far).

    1. thank you, Kerry :)
      i'll get to read one of my November poems in a reading in early December. i think i'm going to take your advice as to which one to read. xoxo

  2. Beautifully done, Marian. Sorrow begets sorrow.......I love the blend of languages, very lovely.


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