Still Life with Fruit

This overripe melon
came from a cornucopia
of unseasonable offerings
at the market,
where all is available
every month.

What’s seasonal in December
around here anyway?

All I know is,
December’s dark freeze
easily destroys
the leggy new growth of May,
penetrating until she’s crushed,
seeds strewn across ice.

detail from Still Life with Fruit, Severin Roesen, 1852

For Margaret’s prompt to the Real Toads featuring this painting by Severin Roesen. Number 21 of 30 Poems in November to benefit Center for New Americans.


  1. You are so right.. seasons are all getting mixed up.. It used to be just potatoes carrots and beets .. some cabbage and apples.. I will try to just use that instead of all that imported goods..I love the word cornucopia.

  2. Poor May...

    May she find hope in the fact that next year, she'll come back strong, bright and full of bounty.

    Go ahead, Old Man Winter... get yours while it's still cold.

    Love this, by the way. ♥

  3. True and more true. Beautifully done, Marian.

  4. I have a problem with the unseasonal strawberries at our supermarkets. What are they doing to them that they ripen half a year too early? Consumerism has a lot to answer for.
    Your second stanza really makes that watermelon pop with its seeds strewn on ice. Such insight, dear Marian.

  5. I love the second stanza, especially the last two lines, which leave me picturing this as a metaphor for destroying a woman's soul by "penetrating" its protective layers.

  6. The beauty of cross border movements of fruits.Danger of glut is perhaps the driving force that directs fruits to regions which are out of season. Thoughtful observation Marian!


  7. seeds strewn across ice. Awesome image. I really used to love that we had fruit of of season - but now I have my doubts at how healthy this is - how fresh they really are, etc. I have a few cookbooks that take me through true "seasonal" eating. I've learned to like many new things.

    And "leggy May"… oooh. That is nice!

  8. I guess we are part of the world market of seasons...Love the poem!

  9. What will the result be for our bodies having access to all foods all the time? Surely we're made for access to whatever is seasonal as you say so elegantly.

  10. Seeds strewn on ice do not grow well! Marian, you are to be commended for your wonderful 30 poems in 30 days! Keep it up! k.


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