It’s impossible to think
in the spin cycle. You can only feel.
Maybe you’ll notice how
you always hang the same color towels.
Never blue and white, only white
or blue.
As you spin,
you’ll feel the battering,
the bruises forming, the purple-yellowing
of them. You’ll wonder
what kind of cycle you spin in
when one man
testifies under oath
about another man’s face: It looks like a demon.
Spinning, reddening--
You’ll blink, then go back to hanging,
segregating by color.

Poem #25 of 30 Poems in November to benefit Center for New Americans.


  1. Deep thoughts here in the shoes ofthe accused. Wow.

    1. interesting, Susan... i was writing here from my own perspective, trying to describe my own reaction upon hearing that the police officer said Michael Brown looked "like a demon." that's just unbelievable to me.


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