Commuting in Dreams

Why are my stress dreams
about public transportation
when in waking life I drive everywhere
pining for a train commute?
It’s always the same. On the bus
not knowing where I’m headed,
lost in a neighborhood maze
in a city I know by heart, or rifling
through and losing track of myriad
belongings for exact-change fare.
Thing is, I’ve never dreamed
of bill collectors, or war and occupation.
You know, the pervasive themes
that actually stress a person out.
But for a day of riding the train,
or even a city bus, reading a good book,
scribbling down notes as ideas come.
That would be a dream.

This is #5 of 30 Poems in November to benefit Center for New Americans.


  1. My stress dreams used to be about being trapped in an out of control elevator! I'm always amazed how I can dream of things I would not even think of in day to day life.

  2. I dream of falling. And, losing my teeth. Ugh.

  3. i used to have crumbling-teeth dreams, but never an elevator. i do have dreams of losing my children... which kind of goes against the spirit of this poem (i.e. i do actually have dreams about the thing that is the scariest). but in recent years, constantly being lost in urban settings, involving public transit. go figure.
    thanks for reading, dear women! xoxo


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