Fish Bait Tree

When it rains, you wonder
whether tears are right,

retreating to a corner
covered by catalpa umbrella.

Joy turns on a dime here,
followed by steady rain

so you wonder about tears,
hope, an array of excuses,

explanations for bruises,
the bean-heart of your tree

wilted following flowering,
pounding rain now drizzling,

promising sun behind tears.
And that’s the wonder of it,

how it changes like seasons,
calming after hurricanes

bring all the branches down.
You get on with your raking,

piling debris in that corner,
hoping for quick decomposition,

wondering about the weather,
planning for the next time it rains.

My offering for Björn Rudberg’s lovely prompt to the Real Toads: Swedish Poetry and Karin Boye


  1. I love the bean-heart of your tree ~ Terrific response Marian ~


  2. Tears and rain, love how you weave the weather metaphor so skillfully throughout.. And just like rain is followed by sunshine we can hope for happiness...

  3. This is the poem I wish I could have written. Thank you, Marian. I fell into your words - think I'll soak in them a bit longer.

  4. This feels painful...to me, it feels like an abusive relationship and the emotions and wounds being ignored and hoping it will all just disappear. This could be bc I just watched Ted talk in this vein but any way...poignant poem, Marian...sorry for projecting, (to much, maybe).

  5. Tears have a purpose, Marian. You wrote of this sooo nicely. Grown men don't cry. Unless their heart is broken. Then it helps. Hannah above bothered me a bit though by reading abusive relations in with this. That hadn't entered my mind until then.

    Thank you for your kind words. Mrs. Jim is progressing nicely so far. I would be down a lot more than she. A perfectly good hip, not damaged (much?) by arthritis hurt so badly it has to be replaced. "Down" is putting it mildly.

  6. A lovely poem, Marian, both on a naturalistic and emotional level. Thanks. k.

  7. Also great title. Also, thanks so much for getting my book. Much appreciated. Thanks. k.

  8. i thought this was quite beautiful, so much symbolism in the rain.

    stacy lynn mar

  9. I, too, saw this as a metaphor for an abusive relationship. It offered understanding in this painful process. I liked it.

  10. I love the way you used the rain as a metaphor in this emotionally charged piece.

  11. I envy you this, Marian. It's brilliant ~

  12. Oh! Dear poet friend... your words are meant for me. In the midst of one of the greatest challenges I have endured, I feel comfort by your wisdom. And I thank you.

  13. you're welcome, & thank you, friends. xo


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