As Long As We Are Able

Stay true to the sun, a beacon
behind clouds. Blue sky on your left
as grey blows over. No one’s listening
anyway, so stay true.
Birds flock after a storm, we gather
at the table. The cool air’s moved in.
Take what you can get in this life:
shelter, occasional sustenance.
    It’s enough.

Real Toads music prompt: The Valley by Los Lobos/David Hidalgo


  1. Is it? As long as we are able to stay true. Fine resonance here on the thin edge of existence.

  2. Nice, Marian. I am glad you finished being sooo busy and could compose. This one will make us think, where we are and how we are. Thank you.
    I doubt you were talking about getting lost when the sun is clouded 'over'. But I do. I know Houston enough so that even if I'm going in circles eventually I will come upon a familiar street. Until then I am hopelessly lost.

    That living in the second verse is very minimal. I doubt that writing poetry or other fits into this style of living. But more than half the world's population live like that or in a similar meager existence. We are blessed, I hope those folk also feel blessed in their own way.

  3. I don't know if it's enough, but it sure is a start. I'm late to the party. Solly!

  4. Folks were once satisfied with a whole lot less than people today. Your description of this simple lifestyle sounds honest and highly appealing.

  5. We add more "stuff" to our lives and become increasingly more dissatisfied...a beautiful call for simplifying life

  6. I like the wisdom, stay true ~

  7. your reads of this are interesting! thanks for playing along, friends. xo


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