Maybe I'm Just a Fool

It’s like when someone says you’re too emotional
& at first you believe it, breathe in those words,
burp them for a tight seal, hold them close

to the bone of you. You exhale the rest upon learning
about your unappreciated dramatic element, unable to stop
the lid from clamping down firm & strong, not allowing

any light in. No wasting time poking air holes
in that thing. What could you do but write it all down
& wait for hope to germinate? Hope sprouts the slenderest

shoots, breaks the seal, births one slight ray of sun,
light enough to locate the chamber closest to your breast
& revive all you knew. Even Tupperware has its limits.

After all, those who call you Other have their own crosses
to bear, their own little wars. The disposer can take
those words. Just be sure to let the water run, and believe.

For Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: JERUSALEM


  1. Never believe you can be "too emotional". I especially love "what can you do but write it all down and wait for hope to germinate?" Love this one, Marian. And great prompt at Toads.

  2. After all, those who call you Other have their own crosses
    to bear, their own little wars....

    There's a line to take away with me - so wise, sad and true, Marian.

  3. I agree with Kerry..that line really stands out for me...Marian this is beautiful

  4. " Even Tupperware has its limits." In this allusion to mundane yet practical culture, you find what never dies--our attempt to tame ourselves with no debriefings until we could scream. Send the judges who hide their own stuff right through the garbage disposal. This is a surprising and brilliant poem.

  5. thank you, friends. i think Steve Earle's song is brilliant from start to finish, but this is the message i try to carry and was addressing here:

    "...And I almost listened to him
    Yeah, I almost lost my mind
    Then I regained my senses again
    And looked into my heart to find..."

  6. those who call you "Other" I kind of massaged that them a bit myself. Thanks for this prompt -

  7. "What could you do but write it all down / & wait for hope to germinate?"...and "believe".....this is all we can do... thanks for the wonderful prompt..

  8. That's why we need others: to let us know that it can all be different, that there can still be hope. No man is an island, even in despair.

  9. Oh gawd, too emotional, too sensitive, blah blah blah, I've heard it all. I yam what I yam. Me and Popeye.

  10. Powerful write . . . and one many of us can relate to I'm sure.

  11. This, for me, is so intriguing...the way it feels like small and root-y and how it expands in the breast...I love all of the sound play and the way you used hope and believe.

  12. Brilliant work, with line breaks like a champion ski run.

  13. You're no fool. Not at all. I love the message of hope shooting through the cracks.

  14. It is so very easy to forget not to catch the hot brick! Or to keep in mind that others are acting out their own dramas. This is a very effective reminder. Thanks, Marian. K .


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