Wading Pool

What if red ants
with big long antennae
are endangered?
We need to rescue them
from the wading pool!
The girl in the flamingo swimsuit
hones her bug phobia,
tends it with extinction concerns.
A spider might travel your leg
if you remain
perfectly still,
as you are part of its landscape.
Maybe you are its destination,
or its angel.
You surely are mine.


  1. I'm always tossing spiders out into the garden, and hoping they'll get the damned squash beetles ~

  2. It is a huge achievement to overcome the fear of creepy crawlies, for the sake of preservation. I especially applaud the reference to the spider, and the lesson that we are part of its landscape and not the other way around.

  3. Love, love, love.
    Sweet summery images.
    What a sweetie your girl is! Such a nice capture of a moment.

  4. Yes, look at things in a whole new way. We all have a part in the ecosphere.

  5. Oh! I have bug phobia... The thought of a spider on my leg creeps me out... Wonderful poetry....

  6. Nice perspective and I love the ending. (I'm not afraid of bugs but snakes scare the crap outta me.)

  7. Irrespective of how the spider behaves someone close to one's heart tips the scale. Wonderful write Marian!


  8. I love that twist of the landscape and specially the sweet ending Marian ~


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