This Poem Wishes Things Were Different

This poem avoids negativity,
airs no grievances.

This poem cannot bear exposure.

This poem wishes
things were different,
cannot imagine a path
not paved with disapproval.

This poem settles.

This poem has lost 30 pounds,
doesn’t want to talk about it.

This poem needs a lunch break.

This poem is loosely based on Hanna’s Boomerang Metaphor.


  1. actually, now that i'm reading the lovely poems of others i realize i haven't followed this form at all! i have tried it twice and have not managed to get it right either time. apologies, Hannah. i am going to try AGAIN and i'll let you know when i accomplish it.
    i have to say i really dislike this poem. boo. too much whining, way too literal (though i wasn't really trying for that).

  2. Replies
    1. i don't approve of that, either. xo

    2. Well... I haven't lost 30 lbs and I'm not one to avoid disapproval...

  3. I LOVE this version of the boomerang!!!!!! It rocks. I envy you the thirty pounds. That is what I need to lose. In one month for my youngest daughter's wedding. Not gonna happen. Boo. Now I'm bummed. Hee hee. But cackling.

  4. I didn't quite get the prompt. then again, I'm not getting much these days - so much insanity crowds out the creative ~

    1. that is for sure.
      the form requires some repetition that i haven't been able to incorporate yet. i think i'll try again, we'll see.

  5. I can't bear weight-based "compliments." Enough people have eating disorders that it is not a good idea. I much prefer to be complimented on something I did than on how I look.
    I can relate to this poem!

    1. agree. thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting!


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