The General Guy

Straighten up!
Act spry
when The General Guy
stops by!

Steel yourself
to compromise
with The General Guy.
Lower your eyes!

Last prize.
Wait! The General Guy
will tell you when
you’re gonna Die.


  1. Too many General Guys in this world. Why do the rest of us tolerate them?

  2. I'm with Sherry - I don't want to know

  3. Reminds me of the I.G, Inspector General in the Army. We always dreaded that inspection. Once we dumped a two ton truck full of parts into a big hole we had bulldozed out in the Texas desert because we were over our allocation of spare parts for the radars. The troops got inspected also, individually, standing in rank.

  4. I can hear his 'Left, right, left, right - Attention!


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