On Busting Through

your cloud tiers,
like a wedding dress,
all ruffles & chiffon,
showing a little leg,
& I thank you for that.

The ache
is manageable now.

Where before I bloated
with the weight
of all the absorbing,
now I’m lean
& mean to lift my skirts,
dance, inspired,
not in spite of you.

I’ll have cake,
toss handfuls of rice,
release myself--

To you, sincerely.

For Kerry’s prompt to the Real Toads: Conversation


  1. Can't quite tell where reality ends and dada begins :-)
    Those clouds, bloated or not, will have their say.

  2. I love the vision from your soaring view~
    Your ending is so true and smug-love it!

  3. So very appropriate, Marian. As I remember it, losing or keeping weight for that dress is utmost. Almost equal to the mechanical parts of the wedding (not that I needed one myself).

  4. a bit saucy, if I read between the lines. Guess that's always the case, with a poem, though - reading there ~

  5. This is gorgeous, Marian. A poem like this leaves me feeling full. There is so much recognizable humanity in the voice you have chosen, and I get the sense of the speaker as having come through a dark time into the glory of blue sky.


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