Let's This Poem Be

This poem is a crane
hoisting beams like backbones
offering a gentle swing
embraced in a sling
righting what's been wronged

This poem is a swimming raft
on glistening water
bob-beckoning like bed
steadying limbs
bearing weight of the dead

This poem is you
singing your song for me
your rock carrying my siren
like a womb
pre-born and as yet unbroken.

Inspired by Hannah Gosselin’s wonderful post: This Poem is a Hoe


  1. O!M!G! This is a.....FANTASTIC POEM!!!!!!!! I so love it. This form is catching fire, isnt it the coolest? Yay, Hannah!

    1. thank you, Sherry!
      i love the idea! go Hannah!!! i didn't follow all the rules, as the repetition for the boomerang thing she described didn't seem to fit this little poem. but in the interest of participation, and of stretching myself to write something maybe a bit longer than i normally would, i'll try another. :)

  2. This is such an amazing poem. I love the form of each stanza and the way each image has been woven from the single thread of the first line. How great is it to find inspiration from our sister poets?

    1. xoxo sister-poet! i'm still STILL working on my Yeats verses for you, too.

  3. I love love the last stanza which describes this poem as "me" i wish i could actually sing a song for you...

  4. Love it. This is my style poem. I especially like the image of a poem as a crane gently swinging and righting what is wrong.

  5. I love it too, Marian. It is hard to read the last verse without (at least for me) placing MYSELF in the "you" spot, 'Some day your love will come, when I appear.'

    BTW, I've been asked not to sing in a church choir. That was in New Hampshire after I had been 'singing' in a choir and a men's chorus for several years in El Paso. I might sing again, in Heaven.

  6. I fell in love with Hannah's form and the poems she wrote. You've added your own brand upon the form and it is just as lovely.

  7. I did a poem called "This Poem" and this poem reminds me a lot of that poem.

  8. It's a great new form. And you've done it most aptly, Marian! Wonderful shot!


  9. Yeats verses? He's my favorite!
    This poem lifts me like a crane.

  10. Perfectly compressed and articulated. A "swimming raft" "bearing weight of the dead" is stunning.


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