Delayed Gratification

After a season
of guts wrapped tight
against storms,
at the end of your stalk,
refusing opening
because when you do
everyone will notice
the sickly-sweet wonder of you,
now you can feel the sun,
but still you wait
for the ants
to help with your blooming.

For Grace’s prompt to the Real Toads: Making a Heart Out of Wild Plants


  1. This poem made me smile. Yes, indeed, when people notice "the sickly-sweet wonder" of an individual, privacy is on trial and seeds spread. An intrusion and a giving at once. To delay gratification is to have more time with the kids, to be fully who you are. The ants assist; the crowd applauds.

  2. How lovely to feel the sun on your skin after a cold tight winter season ~ I like the idea of the ants helping with your blooming ~ Thanks for the wonderful write Marian ~ Wishing you lovely Sunday and week ahead ~

  3. Sometimes a winter can be so long and cold, that one may hesitate to re-enter the cycle of life, wondering if one has the soul energy for further blooming.

  4. March of the Ants ... In spite of it Peonies bloom! I have inhaled an ant ... ugh.

  5. Love this - the ants assisting.......the wonder of you..........as Susan says, we all applaud!!!

  6. :) Nice. There are things we would rather keep in the closet.
    When they open, come out, it really isn't so bad after all.

  7. This is beautifully written.

  8. oh, thank you, everyone. :)

  9. I adore your word choices throughout this, Marian.

  10. wow - waiting for the ants... ~


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