Dance Tonight, and Tomorrow

In my dream everybody’s here
    and everyone lets go
of pain, affronting shame & blame,
    a miracle or so
            it seems,
        to dance as if in dreams,
            the same
        in daylight as in night--
Let’s dance together without fear
of being wrong, or right.

My occasional music prompt is up at Real Toads:


  1. WOW! Yes, may everyone dance like this, both in and out of dreams! Loved it, Marian!

  2. Just perfect! Really. "lets go of pain, affronting shame & blame," Can you only imagine if we could really do this?

  3. Wow! That Herrick stanza is rocking here, Marian. I love the invitation to be free from care!

  4. The bones these ghosts dance over are regrets, tears, plans gone wrong, loves failed, turns left at the wrong moment -- all those bad decisions and moments, rescinded in the ghost dance. Love it.

  5. Oh yes, let it be so!! Let's dance our steps of letting go, freedom without blame.

  6. well I just love the idea of this, to dance, live, love and dream like this.
    Let's Dance!


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