Grooming Lessons

Can I please wear it?


(Your favorite


   like a bath
 before going out.


(Where did she go?)


        She went out

For my own occasional music prompt to the Real Toads: So Much Mine


  1. Splash. We all know, Marian. She is going out. Besides the four-year-old we have a seventeen-year-old here. She always tells us when she wants to go out. She really doesn't go out with a boy but rather with her group.

  2. I like the form you put this into, Marian, and I already said at Toads that I am stoked about your choice of Jonatha Brooke. This made me smile.

  3. O, if she must go out, let it be dancing into old age. And meanwhile, let her dance into our clothes, into the bath water, into our hearts.

  4. Yes, what Susan said. One must keep dancing!

  5. Love it...I want to dance until my legs won't hold me up. :)

  6. Something I miss so much...dancing. My husband loves to dance, and I can't do it any more, so when we're on the river cruises, and someone tries to get him up onto the dance floor I always encourage him to go.
    This summer I'm getting together with a group of friends with whom I used to put on dances on a semi-regular basis. We did it for several years, and I loved it. Getting dressed up was part of the fun.
    I love this poem, even if it breaks my heart. Well, that's a bit much. Hurts my heart, maybe. Not as much of the "pathetic" Kerry mentioned in her challenge on Wednesday. :)

  7. I always loved the shared excitement of my girls getting ready for a dance.

  8. Dancing! What an incredible part of our youth, young adulthood .... and if we are very lucky, way into the great beyond! Love this, Marian.


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