WWWGD (What Would Word Girl Do?)

Sharing words
takes nerve.
There’s a learning curve
It won’t solve
today’s problems--
not gonna solve 'em.
Or could we?

April is National Poetry Month! We are offering inventive and creative prompts every day, all month long in the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads. Come and join us in challenging yourself! Write one poem or thirty, share them or write clandestinely under cover of darkness. The only requirement is to write.

Mama Zen kicked off April with a challenge to surprise her on April Fool’s Day, in 37 words or less. My poem uses just 22.

I’ve been less prolific of late, with many less-than-poetic things distracting me, of necessity. Don’t know that I’ll write 30 or even try. I guess we’ll find out.


  1. Could we indeed? A pertinent question at the start of NaPoWriMo.

    PS. You have challenged yourself several times to write 30 poems in 30 days - I don't think I would ever have tried if I had not seen you doing it, sometimes twice a year. I can understand the need for a break, but I have faith in you.

    1. I *have* done it twice a year for the past couple years, because in November I do it as a fundraiser for a local nonprofit, Center for New Americans. But I have some stuff weighing on me now... not sure. We'll see. Thank you for the faith, Kerry! And, right back at ya! xo

  2. Ha! I love Word Girl! This so clever, Marian.

  3. Yes could we? You have a brilliant hand with brevity!

  4. I wrote something along the same lines this morning, Marian, not posted yet. I love your cool title.......and we have to hope our words add something to the conversation. And you are so clever at saying a lot in few words.

  5. word girl did share some great truths in so few words...a great feat...

  6. Hey - nice rhyme, and I love that goatameter! ;-)

  7. Our darknesses differ so we won't be writing at the same time :-)
    Like the rhyme words.

  8. I love the question and words always make us ponder!
    I hope life is better for you-I lately have found life's challenges deflecting my writing.
    Hang in there!
    And yes, let us hope we touched someone with our outlined mysteries!

  9. Okay, Marian. If we could, should we?
    Best wishes on the 'Poem a Day.' Wish I had time. I do, 'Next time.'

  10. OK… I've seen "goatameter" referred to twice tonight. WHAT is it? As to the poem, putting words out there really does involve a sense of trust, a bit of bravado.. It can be quite intimidating at first.

  11. words make problems, that's for sure ~

  12. often the case! but, how else to solve them?

  13. clever little rhyme - love this tight style -


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