Sunday Morning

Nothing gets through.

Not the window open
to the first sunny air
after an aggressive winter.

Not the memory of last night’s
lovemaking, nor the jolt
of a navel orange,
happy news from a friend,
children’s peals, coffee, poetry,
the Velvet Underground.

That My Little Pony episode
is stressing you out. Shouldn’t
you be working on something?

Guess that got through.

This needs work (shouldn’t I be working on something?!) but I’m posting anyway to participate in Kenia’s Sunday prompt to the Real Toads.


  1. You should be exactly where you are. It's Sunday, no one should work on anything. :)

    Love it. <3

    Thanks for writing to my prompt, I adore you.

  2. This made me laugh so much! I'm persecuted by those ponies, too!

    1. the episode with Sweetie Belle being jealous & acting out toward Rarity made me feel really sick with anxiety :)

    2. My 6 year old son likes "My Little Pony" and "Strawberry Shortcake". He will climb into bed on weekends with us and with the iPad, quietly watches them. BUT when we are in the store and I point out the toys, he says "those are for girls). Ha ha. I tend to keep my windows shut on the weekends as those "bleeping" birds wake me up so early.

      A very entertaining poem for me.

  3. the other alternatives have become distant dream.....sigh

  4. I so remember "My little Pony" days! Hope you had a great Sunday doing as you wished. :)

  5. good write!!!

    your poem also suits my Sunday meme at Lunch Break, i invite you to stop by and link up;

    oh, and please share at my blog on Tuesday 22nd April - 'Earth Day' and Thursday April 24th - 'A Poem In Your Pocket Day'

    much love…

  6. quite happy the pony is absent from my household. except maybe not, since Halo and other nefarious games instead take the stage ~

  7. i'm actually a big MLP fan. but you know it's bad when watching MLP causes anxiety! :)


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