For Gwen

A red Jetta passes
& I’m transported 20 years,
pulling in next to yours
at Pennsylvania Pizza
where you are holding court
over Wednesday happy hour,
top-shelf vodka in hand.
Susan is on her second Yuengling,
Caren’s animated, Carl is late
& you are still but for the shine
in your eyes when mentioning
your son’s promotion
& your grandbabies down Atlanta.
Did you keep that efficiency
upstairs when Pennsylvania Pizza
sold out & became a Hooters?
Did you still order Stoli
on the rocks, Baby-Doll?
I can hear your voice.
I can feel the twinkly grin
that said You can’t fool me,
Girl, I know what you’re up to.
You always did. Yes, you always did.


  1. A picture so vivid that you take me there and I thank the Jetta for the ride.

  2. you took me along for the ride, too ~

  3. Yeesh! The twenty year transport back in time.. I takes a strong heart to contemplate all that has come between the us of then and the us of now.

  4. A very vividly pictured memory and a wonderful story told! I think we can probably all recognize some part of ourselves in this one!

  5. Thanks for making room at the table for me! Cause I feel like I was there!

  6. I loved this both times I read it........you make me see him, the twinkle in his eyes and I love the closing lines with the smile hidden inside them. Poignant remembering.

  7. Like an old Polaroid, a vivid sketch in words. Cheers!

  8. So vivid I can smell the pizza...Great write!

  9. Fine remembrance -- funny how it takes just a sidelong glance at the fleeting to fish back, like a dream, an entire memory. And like Mark said, it's a perfect Polaroid.

  10. This uses everyday language & literal references to create a powerfully evocative picture. Such personal resonance & immediacy.


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