Even Concrete Evolves In Time

Armed with Rustoleum & grandiose aliases
in case of arrest, we branded the sidewalks
with our anti-violent, violent message,
wheat-pasted sins & leafleted long after
bull-headed & well-intentioned arguments
turned to mildly-amused barely noticed,
disavowing all each morning, like a hangover
that just needs to be powered through.

These days, I wake to birdcall followed
by children’s questioning of everything,
including What Mama Did When She Was Younger,
& in sharing glimpses of days gone, hope
they’re able to ride that current of Hope.
I spin their messages into a river of words,
in up to my neck, yesterday’s sidewalks soaked
& glistening with the power of every single one.

Susie challenged the Real Toads to write a street poem.


  1. We evolve and yet our history is still in our roots..."Armed with Rustoleum & grandiose aliases" love that. So glad you didn't lose this piece to an electronic erasure. Thanks for taking part in the challenge.

  2. Yes, no clearer picture of who we were then and now can be found than looking into our children's eyes. I really like where this prompt took you, Marian. So thought-provoking.

  3. I love what Mama did....and you can revisit those roads of wonder and polish the concrete with your voice!

  4. I, too, hope your memories help them ride that current of Hope...Beautiful, Marian. As are your very wonderful children.

  5. I so enjoy these,

    "I wake to birdcall followed
    by children’s questioning of everything,"


    "I spin their messages into a river of words,"

    Love these and I'm SO glad you didn't loose your work this A.M.

    Happy April to you, Marian!

  6. i'm waiting for 'what dad did when younger' ... ~

    1. not exactly, unless by 'younger' you mean 'older', than, yes, that. ~

  7. I especially adore "yesterday’s sidewalks soaked
    & glistening"

  8. The last three sentences … yes, a river of words - that I'm not always willing to resurrect at times :)

  9. our moments of complexity sometimes do derive sustenance from past happiness..

  10. thanks, friends, for your lovely comments. rock on for April!!

  11. I love the positive spin in the end ~ Your mother's love shines through ~ Happy April writing, smiles ~

  12. Riding the current of hope is a wondrous desire for our children. Characters are honed in that sea, by those waves.

  13. This is incredibly vivid, Marian. I really like it.

  14. thank you! i like how this one came out, too. xoxo friends!


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