Jung Would Have A Field Day With This

Finding meaning
in a dissociated dream,
searching for the right track
at the train station
with a girlfriend,
dressed up like tarts:
garters, stockings, no underwear.
A dream-sargeant finds you
before you board the train
and subjects your tender girlfriend
to a cavity search
for unidentified evidence.
You have no inkling
what this might be about,
but you are ashamed anyway.
The dream-sargeant turns to you,
that you are excused this time,
but her finger’s on the trigger,
hammer cocked.
Best to get dressed
and wipe off that mascara
before the consequences are amplified.

Hedgewitch challenged the Real Toads with a word list derived from Carl Jung’s Man & His Symbols, including: meaning, dissociated, tender, inkling, trigger, and amplified.