Conneaut Lake Park

WOW. My friend Ron Mattocks has a terrific article about Conneaut Lake Park in West PA Magazine. My copy just arrived, and it's so wonderful! For any of my friends who have fond memories of Conneaut Lake Park in northwest Pennsylvania, you really must check this great story out. Great historical photos too.

I grew up in Conneautville, the next town over from Conneaut Lake. I spent many a summer day at the Park or at its adjacent beach, and worked there for one (very) memorable summer, making the famous French Fries, no less. My prom was at the Hotel Conneaut, and my grandmother chaired the local Jazz Society, which held concerts at the Hotel. 

Sadly, Conneaut Lake Park has experienced a series of fires in recent years which have left it in bad shape, so much so that the apocalypse-themed movie The Road (from the Cormac McCarthy novel) was filmed there. Yet, as Ron says so well in his article, "From its inception, Conneaut Lake Park's resilience has always been fueled by the love and cherished memories of people who, to this day, refuse to let the park's summer lights fade into dusk." Hear, hear! I think the Park will rise again.

Ron is working on a young-adult historical fiction series set at Conneaut Lake Park that I can't wait to read. You can follow his adventures in researching for his books on Facebook at The Briggs Brothers Detectives.

I'm thrilled, too, that Ron included a snippet of one of my poems in this great article. (You can see the excerpt in the photo above.) Whoosh! All of the above is really worth checking out, friends. You're welcome.