Happy Birthday, Mark

Unsleeping, or Freezing, or Treading Water
Funny, your stitch
in my side now aches
under my breast
as your leprechaun voice
chills to eskimo breath
& washes out like sand
on Popponesset Beach.
Death comes so early
this time of year--
Reposting this on Mark Kelliher's birthday. Also, International Pat Benatar Day. Miss you, Mark.


  1. a fine eulogy - I hope my friends remember how I made them laugh ~

  2. Thank you, Marian. A nice tribute. I hadn't known of Mark or of his works. Now I have read a bit of him and noted his writings on Amazon dot. For you he was a local writer?

    1. not really local, though he hailed from the Boston area (I'm in western MA), but Mark was a friend i met through an online writing group. he was very supportive of my writing. and also was such a dear, wonderful, hilarious person.

      read his book The Nimrod. it's (no exaggeration) the funniest book i have ever read in my life. that is really saying something! here's a link: http://www.amazon.com/The-Nimrod-Mark-Kelliher/dp/1456550144


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