To An Old Friend, Now Estranged

Don’t ask me why
I always think of you
while washing dishes.
I don’t associate you
with cleaning,
or preparing food,
or enjoying a meal.

Each time, I think
I should call
or write you an email
or a postcard
but my hands
are in hot water
and I get distracted
while towel-drying,
forgetting again
until the next time.

At least
I wash a lot of dishes
so that means
I think of you often.
Sometimes I think
I should hit the road,
show up at your place

But there’s too many
waiting to be washed,
too many waking dreams,
solitary imaginings
probably better
left to the imagination.

For Corey’s prompt to the Real Toads: Persons of Interest


  1. Oh look....I can see myself in these plates. Or is that someone else?

    1. you're soaking in it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzmTtusvjR4

  2. The progression in this poem is very familiar to me: The hot water that arises, the cool down, and letting it go down the drain with a million other good ideas not immediately in focus. Thanks.

  3. It sure we must all have those times - and washing dishes is just mindless enough to allow the memories in - when old dear faces come to mind. We suppress them because it does us no good to travel down those roads again. Bitter sweet, and highly recognizable.

  4. Great writing. I don't wash many dishes but I do think of dear friends who happened to take roads different from mine at different times. I love your writing, you're gorgeous and it goes without saying.

    Thanks for this poem. Now I'm thinking of someone I should probably say something similiar to.

    Kisses. <3

  5. maybe I should stop using paper plates :) ~

  6. for me it is tinkering (goofing off) in the shed... my mind sort of wanders off and I think of some people I have met along the way.. I always have good intentions to write,call etc.

  7. Love the train of thought in this......a familiar reverie........amazing the associations our subconscious holds onto.

  8. You have the best aptitude for bringing the everyday into a wonderful and artistic light. This makes everyone who has ever known you want to be the one that you think about when you are doing the dishes. At the same time, it is such a commonplace thought and reaction to the mundane that shouldn't warrant a second thought, let alone a third or fourth. Great stuff Babyluv.

  9. Marian, I am the dishwasher, cook, and caretaker at our house for a month while Mrs. Jim heals from bunion surgery. I don't remember anyone then. I do remember my ex, we were married very young and it lasted four kids and thirteen years, but I don't remember what I do or was ever doing at the reminiscing times. At a grandchild's wedding Mrs. Jim had to tell me who I was sitting next to (my ex). She was larger than I remembered her and looked nothing like I dreamed of. (I have a condition which causes me to lose facial recognition, that could have done something.)

    Others, including ex girl friends, I generally think of when I am on Facebook along with miscellaneous times. Thank you for making me aware of my thinking habits. I do realize that there are other times you think but that they are liable to be just as simple actions and times.

  10. Odd how seemingly unassociated things bring up that feeling of a person--you make it very vivid here Marian. I wonder if one washed the suds off and immersed in the warm rinse water one would know why.

  11. I suggest using a dishwasher and hitting the open road! Great write, Marian.

  12. We wash away so many good intentions in the suds of neglect...I have done the same thing

  13. i was thinking this morning about how different mundane household tasks bring up different people and memories, mostly totally unrelated to the activity, but somehow fused to it anyway.

  14. funny how our brains drag us down dusty paths at the strangest times... love!


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