No Moss, & Not Proud

When the season turns Blue,
bruised by silence buried in snow,
no end in sight,
light a distant
remnant of Noontimes forgot,
fought over, then ignored,
stored for another dark week on Earth,
it’s worth recalling how it feels,
heels entrenched,
benched like an understudy waits,
ingratiates the Moon to draw its curtains back,
black like night,
flight impossible, no one watching under
cover of the greyest shroud--

Margaret has the Real Toads visiting past prompts, thankfully reminding me of the wonderful chained rhyme, first introduced to us by Hedgewitch.


  1. that's a cool chained pen
    Marian ~

  2. Wow! Marian, you always make rhymed verse look so easy, and so stylish. This is just excellent. You have amazing poetic control in your writing - I love the freedom in the construction of line-length - it creates that easy flow of ideas down the page, and the imagery just pops on the reader's inner eye. I really enjoyed this piece.

  3. I like the image of the Moon drawing back its curtain.

  4. What a perfect way to do the rhymes looking like free verse.. and the moon in shrouds is a powerful image

  5. The chain forces intensity, like the fogged in days force me to remember the sun just for a little hope.

  6. Of course I am jealous first of all on how simple this looks...but its not. There is really sunshine somewhere even if we must pull it from memory on these cloudy days....great write!!

  7. thank you, dear friends. i find this way of writing really interesting... once it starts, it goes. i might need to play with another one while i'm in the right frame of mind. :)

  8. Your chained rhyme is a delight to read...deep and mood-setting...love the line you leave on lingering on that last clouds...

  9. I am jealous too ~ skillfully done, I never thought it was a chained rhyming poem ~


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