Muse Let Me Down Again

You rattled me from dreams
at the hour I’ve reserved
for your appearance--
  (Reality is debatable at 4 am,
   so maybe you are my dream?)
Planted verse so true-to-life,
certain I’d recall upon waking
to write it all down--
  (What is it with dreams,
   the ones in which you scream?)
But of course I forgot it all.
It’s fruitless trying to hold on
to you, like an elusive lover--
  (And when it’s over, I’ll be
   unable to explain what it means.)

"Thaw" by Elizabetta Trevisan
For inspiration, Grace shared the fantastical art of Italian painter Elisabetta Trevisan in the Imaginary Garden.


  1. The muse is elusive & sometimes those wonderful thoughts in the wee hours of the morning are quickly forgotten ~ Enjoyed this one Marian ~ Have a good week ahead ~


  2. Oboy, do I know this or what?
    Luv, K

  3. Fine parallel: the excitement of dream images and an elusive lover. Here they are often one and the same.

  4. i awoke to a cough that wouldn't stop, which immediately annihilated the dreams I think I was dreaming ~

  5. The powerful imagery of the good dreams should last longer than a few minutes in the morning. Kiss you, gurl. <3

  6. If I could remember my dreams, I'd never have to worry about what to write again. But I wake from them too exhausted to remember.....something about running a bakery, whilst simultaneously raising half a dozen toddlers, while the cat gives birth to litter upon litter of kittens.......and then FLYING....over an OIL SPILL....???? you get the idea.

  7. I'm always sure I will remember but rarely do. This poem is right on.

  8. Your interpretation is nothing short of inspired - all those beautiful colours and creatures caught up in the hair as dream material, and of course, the stuff of poems.

  9. Why is there never a pencil and paper in those dreams?!

  10. Nice - well much nicer than being awoken by a rumbling snow plough!

  11. SO TRUE. sometimes it's the plow that rattles one awake and blows away the muse!

  12. Yargh! Can't begin to count the number of times this has happened... I need to learn how to sleep-write.

  13. I really like this Marian, muses can be a fussy lot

  14. I can so totally relate to this...you've expressed this slipping-out-of-reach quality very well, Marian.


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