Mad Saltshaker

These days, my eyes are red when I rise
and leak intermittently throughout the day,

lifting pink to my left cheek, salty
smears announcing my mood: maudlin, probably.

I worry about the raised white pills floating
in the grayish sag framing orbs ordinarily

exclaimed and celebrated as crystal-blue
reminders of the soul of a person. (a poet

who carries the weight of wondering why
her eyes leak all day though she swears

she isn’t crying) (oh she’s sad all right,
anxious too, but those eyes, they just leak)

They just leak. That’s how it is now with eyes.
That’s how it is with mood and soul and poetry.

Peggy has the Real Toads writing about eyes.


  1. Those last two lines! What an epigram!
    This is a sterling example of how a well-constructed poem can lead a reader along the path of thought and leave them feeling they have arrived at an unexpected destination.

  2. Is there a Visine for that? Is there ANYthing for that?

  3. A blue mood riding the rails of this poem. Kerry's right, those final two lines are just stellar. Who wouldn't weep?

  4. lifting pink to my left cheek, salty
    smears announcing my mood: maudlin, probably.

    what a cool set of words!! I wrote something similar yesterday about leaking.

  5. yeah, just how it is ~

  6. I know the feeling...you have captured the poet so well with those final words

  7. We never appreciate a part of our bodies until they don't "behave" like we want them to!

  8. I love the title! But not mad. And what are the white pills? Maybe they are the same as mine. And the eyes! Brave enough to say what we deny. Love the last couplet.

  9. Great title. You said it.. that's how it is with mood and soul and poetry... lovely poem.. I read it a couple of times. I like the rhythm.

  10. Wonderfully done. Those last two lines really strike me for some reason. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Hi Marian ~~I would never have thought of a poem about 'leaking eyes.' I am thinking you are using 'figures of speech' and that you eyes don't literally run. Good guess? If they really do run you need to see your doctor, my diagnosis says.

    Our daughter was born with a congenital defect in that her tear ducts were closed. Her eyes did run and run. Before she was two she had tear duct surgery, where the doctor opened them up so the eyes could drain.

  12. As has been said, those last two lines pack a lot of power.
    Luv, K

  13. I want you to be OK .... are you OK?

  14. oh... no worries. i am okay, though i do have the problem of my eyes constantly leaking, for real, which i need to get checked out :) it's a dry-eye condition. very poetic!
    xoxxo to you, lovely friends.

  15. Often worrying to be surprised by our own. Our being are mysterious. Nicely Marian!


  16. this is so sad :( i know it says you're no crying but it still sounds like crying lol. I love your poetry

    1. thank you! and thanks so much for visiting :)


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