Maybe Next Time A Postcard Will Do

When you start having to replace
the broken stuff you bought
to replace the shit you lost
when she left you

It’s appropriate to notice
and not comment upon
but you’ve never stayed silent
just because it keeps the peace.

For the Real Toads weekend prompt: The World’s End


  1. dude, that's a lot of layers of replacing, and being quiet. ~

  2. Sometimes you'd have to literally bite your tongue off to be quiet. And who wants to add anymore agony to this situation? Loved this!

  3. Sometimes it is wise to keep silent to keep the peace. Punchy poem. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Hard to let things go, especially if one has been hurt in the past and kind of remain stuck in that unsuccessful paradigm. You crammed a whole lot in to these lines.

  5. It's crazy how things become attached to memories and the power that it holds...yeah, there're some things I got from x's that I just wouldn't keep, too much.

    Well done, Marian.


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